With a focus of fun and family, Vivid Smiles had a clear vision of the result for their dental practice and we worked closely with them to deliver.

Vivid Smiles takes a unique approach to what is usually a space people don’t love to be! Instead, they’re focussed on taking the fear out of dental and ensuring their business is a place that is nurturing, fun and family-oriented. Their dental practice really had to reflect this ethos. With strong communication and a passionate approach from both Vivid and ourselves, we were able to deliver a functional, quality dental practice that strikes a balance between clinical and cosy.

Vivid Smiles contacted us after receiving quotes from some Sydney competitors that came in far above their original budget. Being a local Newcastle contractor, we were able to provide a competitive quote that in fact came in under their budget at $350k, allowing the project to proceed without compromise on design and overall quality of the result. Being local, it also helped to form a positive working relationship with our clients as we held the same work ethic and had a mutual understanding of the needs of locals. It was really important to ensure that all safety and sanitary boxes were ticked, without losing the family-first approach.

Undaunting dental

Our job with Vivid Smiles was to construct an office fitout that aligned with their fun, friends, family approach while still being a safe and sanitary working space. We worked to a tight timeframe and budget, and delivered a quality result on time and under budget.

Construction countdown

One of the biggest hurdles we overcame with this dental office fitout was the timeframe. Not only with regard to the timeliness of project’s completion, but also the dates this timeframe fell over. To ensure the surgery was open to their patients in January to kick off the new year, the project was to be delivered on time and dury a busy time in the lead up to Christmas.

Strong communication with Vivid Smiles, a clear and agreed upon timeline and quick decision making when needed made this a very successful dental office fitout construction. We were able to complete the project on time and provide our client with an incredible space loved by both them and their patients.  

Satisfaction with a smile

We were thrilled with  Vivid Smiles’ response to their new office fitout. They were extremely happy with the end result and, as such, recommended us for other dental fitouts within Newcastle. We are passionate about supplying the best quality for the best price to local businesses, and beyond. We have a strong understanding of local needs, and love to work with businesses who step outside the box and help us construct spaces that represent what Newcastle locals will love. We were able to really align with Vivid Smiles’ unique approach to their craft and thoroughly enjoyed providing a space that represented this.