At Skelcon, we specialise in cutting-edge design, construction, and fit-out services for the education industry. With our extensive experience, we have a deep understanding of the standards, rules, and regulations governing childcare and education spaces in NSW and across Australia.

Childcare and education spaces demand meticulous attention to meet the needs of staff, students, and the regulatory bodies that oversee these centres at the state and national levels.

At Skelcon, we embrace the challenge of crafting spaces that inspire trust and foster growth.

Creating spaces for childcare and education centres is no ordinary task. It requires a higher level of consideration and collaboration. We recognise that parents trust us to provide a secure environment for their children, while educators rely on us to enhance their teaching methods and promote the mental development and playfulness of the kids in their care.

Through constant communication and meticulous planning, we ensure that our projects meet and exceed our clients' expectations while adhering to legal regulations.

We have partnered with education centres of all sizes to deliver exceptional spaces that continue to benefit our clients year after year. By closely collaborating with our clients, we delve into their unique teaching philosophies and fully comprehend the spaces we work with—its possibilities and limitations—while always prioritising health and safety regulations.

Our modern approach, attention to detail, and commitment to excellence will create an environment where education truly thrives and children can unlock their learning potential.