The open floor office, breakout area, reception, meeting rooms, and offices were meticulously crafted to enhance functionality and aesthetics.

Our design approach was rooted in sustainability, minimising waste by retaining existing elements wherever feasible. Thoughtful material selection, including Bolon woven vinyl and FSC-controlled natural timber veneer, upheld environmental credentials. Integration of acoustic panels and sensor taps not only enhanced functionality but also contributed to sustainability efforts. Additionally, our furniture selection prioritised sustainability, featuring high-quality items with a 10-year warranty and GECA-certification. We also incorporated plants to improve air quality and promote staff wellbeing. The choice of low VOC paints in Nordic-inspired colours further paid homage to Ramboll's Nordic heritage.

The success of the Ramboll Office Fitout project underscores Skelcon Design, Construct and Joinery’s unwavering commitment to excellence and sustainability. We are grateful for the opportunity to bring Ramboll's vision to life and eagerly anticipate future collaborations, continuing to deliver exceptional results.

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