The goals for Hunter Gynaecology were to both expand their practice, and invest in an achieving an aesthetic that was perfectly tailored to their business and beautifully suited to their clientele. The practice, located in Charlestown, was originally a residential space that had been converted into a medical centre. Skelcon’s brief was to alter and expand the rear of the property to further suit the requirements of the business, which were primarily focused on patient experience and team workflow. 

It was important that the design and layout of the space was welcoming, functional, durable and overall, a pleasant place to work and visit. We were excited to get to work on meeting this brief!

The practice fitout consists of a reception and waiting area, two consultation rooms (each with a bed, desk, storage and basin), visitors chairs and privacy curtains, a staff kitchenette and breakout space, sterilisation room, parking densification and of course, accessible entrance, exit and thoroughfare.

Seeing this project through was an enjoyable process for everyone involved. Enthusiasm from the client added a wholesome feel from the beginning to the end of the project and the finished results have perfectly met our clients’ needs. For Skelcon, the most enjoyable element of this project was the ability to work with the existing infrastructure to create a space that is now unrecognisable with its former aesthetic. 

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