Hall & Wilcox commissioned us for a legal office fitout to accommodate the quick move of their Newcastle offices. With time and budget considerations, we created a workable, functional and attractive space.

Hall & Wilcox sought out our services to construct an office fitout that would give them a functional space to accommodate their needs and the needs of their clients, while also allowing as little disruption as possible to business as usual.

Our work with Hall & Wilcox included the demolition of the existing offices and construction of the new office space, reception, kitchen and boardrooms. They needed to relocate from their existing offices within a short timeframe and a relatively tight budget, so we staged the works to enable staff to relocate into the fully completed office and kitchen while the remainder of the fitout was completed.

We were able to complete this project entirely in a way that allowed for the operation of the firm to continue undisrupted, which was a high priority for them and their clients. We understood that they needed to remain professional and productive to meet their own strict deadlines, and accountable to their clients to do so. So, we worked with them on trust and transparency, and were able to achieve a process and result that worked for everyone.

The value of this office fitout was $500k.

Built to order

Hall & Wilcox are positioned as one of the leading independent law firms in the country, with eight offices, located in Newcastle, Sydney, Brisbane, Perth, Parramatta, Darwin and Canberra, as well as international branches. So while a local business project, we understood that the office fitout needed to be in alignment with their well established reputation.    

Working without disruption

One of our biggest hurdles was conducting an office fitout while the space continued to be used by the client. We worked closely with Hall & Wilcox to ensure that we worked in a way that made this functional for them and us, but also to ensure the safety of all workers was of highest priority. We were able to establish a highly organised process that meant both parties were safe during the construction, and business wasn’t disrupted. Thanks to an incredibly versatile, patient and professional group at Hall & Wilcox, and the high standard of work we promise and deliver on, this was able to be achieved.  

Progressive thinking

One of the main traits of Hall & Wilcox that set them aside from their competitors is their progressive thinking. They follow the ‘Smart’ school of thought, meaning they ‘look beyond the status quo to think differently and find solutions that are better’, and we took this approach during the construction. By organising the way we worked to avoid business disruption, and by creating a space that was fresh and new but still respecting the legacy of the firm, we were able to provide them with an office that truly represents who they are as a company internally, and who they are to their clients.