With innovation a major part of the blueprint of this restaurant, we worked with the South-East Asian fusion eatery to transform the once nightclub space into an intimate dining experience.

The construction concept for this project was to turn a space initially designed as a nightclub, and transform it into a space that paired with the fiery, colourful and bold fusion dishes of Ginger Megs, maintaining a warm ambiance to give diners a full sensory experience. 

We were provided with the architectural plans for the internal demolition of the existing space and worked with Ginger Megs owners to fully understand their vision, and ensure this met with strict construction guidelines. The works included construction of two new bars, coordination of new services and installation of new commercial kitchen, specialist finishes, detailed joinery, seating and metalwork. The design and finishes were to create the feel of a ‘back alley’ restaurant. This was a challenging project with an evolving design; we discovered a number of existing structural elements, restricted access and tight timeframes to allow the client to open a fully-functional, to-code, restaurant. This restaurant fitout was finished at a cost of $1.3million.

Doing an existing reputation justice

The owners of Ginger Megs are also responsible for popular Newcastle eateries, Parry Street Garage and Merewether Surfhouse, so we understood the good reputation they already had in the local community. Ginger Megs, although its own entity (as are the stand alone Parry Street Garage and Merewether Surfhouse, respectively), needed to meet (and excede) expectations that it would retain the quality and attention to detail the other two carry. With that, we worked closely with the owners to coordinate our own knowledge of what was realistic of the space with the vision the client had to come up with a positive, collaborative result.  

Sensory feast

While the restaurant fitout’s primary concern was ensuring that everything was to-code, we were very aware that Ginger Megs is as much about the overall feeling of the space as it was just the food itself. Our job wasn’t just to facilitate the functionality of a restaurant, but to ensure that it complemented the cuisine for a holistic experience for patrons.