Angel Zoo Childcare required us to clear a vacant site and construct a new early education centre to align with NSW legal regulations and the childcare’s theme and vision.

The Angel Zoo Childcare project had a number of considerations in terms of construction, external and internal design and regulation-approved requirements. Skelcon’s extensive experience in the Childcare and Education sectors allowed us to have a clear understanding of the standards, rules and regulations in NSW. It was our unique role to pair this knowledge with the specifically themed aesthetic required from the start. The childcare centre which has a capacity of 128 children, is a grand-scale building with large raked ceilings, arched windows and a design and construction playground.

The client wanted to be involved in the final design and finishes of the centre, so we worked closely with them throughout the project to ensure their ideas were incorporated, while also consistently ensuring the safety of the children and staff was of top priority. The project successfully ran over an agreed 10 month period at an in-budget. Our clients were beyond thrilled with the end result and consistently assured us they were equally pleased with the process and experience of watching their vision become a reality.

Keeping royalty happy

The brief: a giant castle. It was important to our clients that we create a space for the kids that would give them a sense of fantasy when they arrived. It’s more than just a drop-off for care, it was a high priority for the client that the facility be a very experiential, colourful, joyful and sensory experience for the children. We needed to incorporate all of this into a space that was also logistically and functionally adequate, regulation-standard and catered to all different ages of children. We were able to successfully create such a space, building from scratch and producing a result that not only greatly pleased the clients, but also the children attending, and their parents.

Countdown to a castle

Due to the enrolment processes of childcare centres and the reliance the parents had on the centre being up and running in a certain time period, we understood that this was a huge priority. It was a big and exciting project to take on, and we had to be very sure we could achieve it in 10 months. Thanks to efficient processes on our part, and the constant open, clear communication from our clients, we were able to achieve the project on time and within budget. We have also been notified that the children are delighted with their castle and love coming to school everyday.